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Brian Alters / Alters Gem Jewelers

“The Preferred Jewelers International warranty creates trust with our customers and enables us to have the competitive edge since our Preferred warranty is included with their purchase at no addtional cost! I am proud to be part of this nationwide jewelry network which consists of the top and most trusted retailers in the country - and I am sure you will be just as proud.”


        Brian Alter, Alters Gem Jewelry, Beaumont, TX


Tara Smith / Kryshak Jewelers                                     

“Being a member of Preferred Jewelers International has positioned us as the bridal leader in our market. The sales training they offer is phenomenal and the network of people you meet in Preferred is priceless.  If you want to stand out from your competition and be able to offer the best Nationwide Warranty at no additional cost to the consumer, get on board today!”

        Tara Smith, Kryshak Jewelers, Wausau, WI


Mark Motes / Smyth Jewelers

“Our biggest challenge was to find something to give us an edge over the large jewelry chain stores and we found it when we were selected to be part of Preferred Jewelers International. The Preferred Warranty gives us the opportunity to offer the Nationwide Lifetime Preferred Warranty at no additional cost to our customer unlike the chain stores that charge a large sum of money for the very same warranty.  This is huge! We have gained new customers because of the Preferred program. Being a part of the Preferred Network we can offer our customers trust and assurance that wherever life may take them, a Preferred Jeweler will be there to follow their journey and help them keep their special piece of jewelry in pristine condition.”

           Mark Motes, Smyth Jewelers, Maryland

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