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Femininity At Your Fingertips

One of my favorite designers at the Basel Fair is Pasquale Bruni. Their flower motif jewelry is to die for, and ladies the trend for floral jewelry is hotter than ever. Even look at shoes this spring, with all the beautiful floral patterns. Everyone will be wearing this look this spring. Easter is over and the time is now!

I happen to own a ring from their Petite Garden Collection. All the diamonds are set in rose gold. One ring is a big petal flower that sits on your middle finger and one petal of diamonds lightly lays over your index finger.

But wait for it... there's more... it comes with a matching rose gold and diamond petal band that fits on your finger next to your pinky.

Gorgeous! I was so excited to receive this ring because it reminded me so much of the ring "Smith" gave Samantha in the "Sex And the City" movie. Now that Pasquale's daughter Eugenia is taking over the designing it is even more feminine and beautiful. She has also created the Bon Ton Collection.

It is superb. She told me in Basel that when she would look at leaves on branches she simply wanted to find a way to wear them. So, Eugenia started designing light sensuous rings. She said, "I want the ring to settle on your finger, the way the wind caresses leaves".

Eugenia designs with emotion and sensuality. The color, the motifs are sensible, strong and fashionable.

This is one of Preferred Jewelers favorite designers but it’s not in all Preferred stores. Jewelry Chatter Box can always help you find out where to locate these. You will always feel the trust and assurance with a Preferred jeweler… and me!

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