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Hermes Enters Apple Watch Fashion World

For those obsessed with Hermes, bags, shoes, scarves, RTW (ready to wear)... and more!

Now the partnership of Apple and Hermes is rocking the fashion world.

Starting this past Christmas with only basic color straps, now the two companies have gone "pantone wild." Plus, for the first time in Hermes history (Girls you know how tough the Hermes policies can be! ) Apple Watch and Hermes bands will now be sold separately. So, now you can switch out bands to match your fashion forward "techy" look.

The bands were revealed on line today April 7th 2016 and they will be available on the 19th.

As always they will come in single and double straps.

New colors? Oh yes! Named only by the French. Bleu Paron (green), Bleu Saphir (blue), Blanc (white), and of course Feu which is The Hermes Orange.

Most Apple Watch consumers change their bands daily.

I feel the bands give the watch a brand new look everyday.

I think Apple Watch and Hermes are like a horse and carriage, a perfect fit!

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