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"My Night In Havana"

Chanel's Cuban Night Event Under A Hot Miami Moon was awesome!

It all took place at The SoHo House on Miami Beach.

First we all gathered in a screening room while all kinds of drinks were being served from champagne to Mojito's, all was available.

The lights went down and we took our seats. The film started with two singers on a boulevard that resembled our Miami Lincoln Road. As they started to walk all the models fell into runway formation. First you heard oooh's and awww's not only was the scenery spectacular but Karl has done it again. All the light colors against the Havana skyline were breathtaking. This was the debut of Chanel's cruise collection.

The Collection will not be available until November but I was honored to be able to get first glimpse. My husband Joe, accompanied me and I was "floored" when he told my sales associate that there were 3 jackets he would like to see for me! Wow this is going to be a great night for all. If Joe likes it... it is special.

After the viewing, dinner was served on the rooftop of the SoHo House. It was a gorgeous Miami night. Perfect. They had a man rolling Cuban Cigars (Of course I had to have a puff or two) and we all took great Instagram Shots. In fact one of my pics made it all the way to Paris. I was wearing my white and pearl finger-less Chanel gloves while smoking my cigar. I hope they use it somewhere, how exciting!

Food was great and served family style. Plus, the champagne never stopped.

Hubby Joe spotted Miss Colombia and had to have a pic.

Yes, she's the one Steve Harvey announced as the winner then had to take it back! Remember he said…"WAIT, I've made a mistake." She by no means is anything but a mistake. Gorgeous and sweet and should have won, as you can see by the picture.

Remember... I'm on my way to Fashion Week in Oct.

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Next blog The Met Gala, stay tuned...

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