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I’m All “Choked” Up!

Ok, I can’t ignore it any longer. The accessory of the moment is the choker. Whether it’s a wide piece of velvet, a leather cord or a strand of diamonds. It is the “On Point” trend. From 16 to 60, it’s a must have.

We already see the choker styled with back to school outfits in all fashion magazines.

The Choker is truly back in circulation. It has always been favored by Queens and (American) Princesses… no wonder I love them! Well, the comeback is strong.

Queen Elizabeth...

Here’s a little background trivia for you. The simple stand worn tight around the neck is not a recent invention. Worn by Mary Queen of Scotts, Ann Boleyn and Marie Antoinette. The fate of their chokers (very expensive) post be-headings still remains unclear. The regal necklace has truly been revived.

Marie Antoinette...

In Woman’s Wear daily the choker has been seen on the runways of Ralph Lauren and Lanvin as well as on a global stage.

Anyone see Obama’s daughter Sasha wearing a black ribbon choker when meeting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Several Jewelers have responded to this style with a modern take. Some are using a wire of precious metal that can be worn alone or with a charm dangling from the center sitting on the sweet spot of a woman’s neck.

I remember in the movie “The English Patient” Ralph Fiennes always spoke of that particular sweet spot on a woman. Loved that movie!

Ann Boleyn once had one of these sweet spots. I guess not so sweet!

It takes me way back to high school when we wore leather around our necks and called it a dog collar! I think choker sounds a little better.

No matter what we call it, right now it’s the rage. My favorite is from a new supplier we will be using, 1884 Collection. He uses a wide strip of denim (another high fashion rage right now) in light blue and black with a Roman coin set in the middle, different and edgy. He also has a version with a diamond pave’ on a disc set right on the middle of your neck. That one has my name all over it! Especially cool when you are able to change the denim choker part to match any outfit. We just couldn't resist posting this pic from 1884!

Ralph Lauren's version...

My other favorites are chokers made out of leather cord with a charm dangling from the center. Another great look is wearing a choker with a little longer neck piece and then a lariat. Always make the style your own.

Carbon and Hyde consists of two young designers from LA and they are really making a name for themselves with their unique choker designs. You can often see Taylor Swift wearing a Carbon and Hyde design. Beautiful!

I personally love the trend and I will be rockin’ it too… just hope I won’t need another facelift to do it! Lol!

Now… go on… go to your favorite Preferred retailer and start trying on some chokers… you’re gonna love em!

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