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Buying A Diamond

It’s no secret that I feel most leave out the 4 C’s when buying a diamond.

Did you know that Ms. Evelyn Walsh McClean did not ask about the 4 C’s when purchasing the Hope Diamond in 1911?

The Hope Diamond, also known as "Le bleu de France" is a large, 45.52 carats, deep-blue diamond, now housed in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. Previous owners included Tavenier, Louis XIV and Henry Philip Hope.

She only wanted to know if she could have the stone reset.

The Hope Diamond on Evelyn Walsh McClean

Ms. Evelyn Walsh McClean

It wasn’t until 1953 that the Gemological Institute of America issued its system for grading stones based on color, cut, carat weight and clarity.

The criteria has become familiar to us all but… from this blogger, is that all there is to it? Seems too simple a recipe. Especially since the seductive power of diamonds long preceded those C’s. Beauty is the mystery that cannot be measured. I feel like falling in love with a diamond is like actually falling in love. First, it’s the eye, then the brain, then of course the heart.

Diamonds in the eye of the beholder

You may ask why I feel that way? I really do not have an answer, but not a single lab in the world ever mentions beauty in its reports.

Yet when people are choosing a diamond, one of the first questions is, “Is it beautiful?”

The second question when you fall in love with something should be, why?

I have spent a lifetime looking at diamonds and know from experience that beauty is the rarest of all diamond qualities. But, what's in your heart is the most valuable.

1kt Engagement Ring

I also feel that you find the right diamond when you least expect it and sometimes amongst the least rare colors and qualities. This might explain why some stones sell exceptionally well at auction and others with the exact same 4 C’s do not attract one bidder.

Unraveling the true nature of a diamond’s beauty is perhaps an impossible task.

Jasmine Tookes for Victorias Secret $3million Fantasy Bra

Jasmine Tookes wearing Victoria's Secret $3 million Diamond Fantasy Bra

Luckily, many are willing to claim the challenge as their own.

So, is it really all about the 4 C’s?

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