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Preferred Jewelers ... we have to hand it to you. You really know how to rock it!

Preferred Jewelers continuously go above and beyond to reach out to each other and especially to all Preferred customers. Your relentless focus on superior customer service is something every consumer should experience. Knowing that no mater where life may take you a Preferred Jeweler will be there to take care of your special purchases for the lifetime of their journey is really reassuring, not to mention refreshing.

All Preferred retailers deserve to be featured and you know they don’t like to brag, so we're going to go ahead and do it for them. A big round of applause to to the Preferred Network!

Why would you go anywhere other than a Preferred Retailer?

Good Press:
The amazing team at Crocker’s Jewelers in Texarkana, Texas was recently featured in JCK magazine. Their store is so gorgeous and it really shows in the article. Thanks to owner Shane Woodruff for giving a shout out about how great it is to be a Preferred Retailer! (high five!)

The Cool Factor:
Not only are Preferred Jewelers successful, but they’re also pretty freakin’ cool too. This past summer Grogan Jeweler’s in Huntsville, Alabama was named one of the coolest stores by Instore Magazine. When owner, Jay Klos, was interviewed he said,

“Customers keep comin' in sayin' our store felt like it should be in

New York or Las Vegas! See... Alabama is hip!"

I guess this just goes to show that there really is nothing better than going in to visit a Preferred Jeweler in your area. Need to find a Preferred retailer near you? click here

Preferred Jewelers always create...


Experiences that last a Lifetime™


Keep up the good work Preferred Retailers!

                        You rock!

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