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Rings, Rings and more Rings!

And I don't mean picking up your iPhone …

Rings have not always been the wild child of jewelry but I love them.

There is a whole new legion of designers that are making me happy. Designers have started crafting twists of metal that wind around the fingers in unique and artful ways. Rings are breaking boundaries, so why not you?

Express yourself to be the unique person you truly are.

Think about it... in old movies, set in prohibition time, a drink in your hand was a symbol of wealth and power. So, to show off your illicit beverage, women wore spectacular rings and almost always more than one. Rings dripping in diamonds and gemstones… can you hear jazz playing in the background? I can!

Then we moved into the 50's. Women started to mix metals. I love that we are returning to this mix and match way of fashion. You’re on your own, so love it. Stacks of yellow, rose and then add white gold rings, beautiful!

Now designers have "gone wild". No more just a sliver of a band, they are designing to cover your whole middle finger. Very sexy!

Many Preferred retailers carry just that look in their Preferred stores. Or if that's just not you, look at our pic and just make it your own and have some fun, which is what fashion is all about.

Don't forget the new rings where you put all three fingers thru the ring so it lays beautifully across the knuckle line of your hand. When they are covered in diamonds, your hand looks like liquid gold. Ahhhhh

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