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The Best Jewelry from Fashion Week

Up close and personal with the trends of this spring!

Sep 16, 2020

After showcasing the very best looks from the spring 2021 runways, we started in on another examination, studying earlobes, wrists, and necklines for the little add-ons that enrich designers’ visions or further the fashion stories they want to tell. Here are the pieces thus far that we love and will be adding to our shopping carts (and outfits and jewelry boxes) next year.

Oh we just love it all. Thank you Harpers Bazaar. If you're going to be home, why not wear some of your favorite pieces on your next Zoom call. It can be subtle, but we know it will be noticed! Preferred retailers always have the latest styles and trends in all price ranges. Visit a Preferred Retailer today and find out if your precious investment is eligible for the Free Lifetime Nationwide Warranty! I know it will be... why not... you're Preferred after all!

Wishing you Love, Peace and Happiness always xoxo


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