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"Must Have Jewelry Trends!"

The hottest trend for 2017 is layering everything from necklaces, in graduated lengths, ranging from delicate to bold while incorporating various gemstones, to stacking rings and a multitude of bracelets.

Layering necklaces is a fun way to change up your look and create a fashion statement. It is truly an art form which may seem challenging to master but the expert stylists at your local Preferred Jeweler are available to help.

When it comes to layering, anything goes! Mixing metals, colors, textures. Whatever floats your boat. Break the rules and express yourself!

Dainty, lightweight gold chains, or diamonds by the yard in varying lengths can be seen all over the pages of fashion magazines. These long chains are best paired with chokers and lariats.

Many of the up & coming, younger designers like Carbon & Hyde are incorporating these looks in their collections.

The layering look is especially hot for easy breezy summer! What is better than gold & diamonds to go with a bikini and sexy hat? Chanel sunglasses or Dior and your fashion is never at risk. Classy, with a wild & crazy summer. Just do it!

The great news is this look can be achieved on any budget. You can find these looks in silver, gold, diamonds or gemstones at a Preferred Jeweler near you.

Enjoy your summer! Click here to find a Preferred retailer near you. Who else can you trust with all your precious gems?! #wearepreferred #walkingonsunshine #allthingssparkly


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