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Uncut, An Introduction

The jewelry industry isn’t all sparkle and shine. Just like any retail business there can be a lot of clutter, misinformation, and some vendors that deliver a quality level that’s questionable, at best. If you’ve ever shopped for an engagement ring or a fine fashion piece, you’re with us. You get it.

While we can’t change all of the players in the industry, what we can do is provide you with a trustworthy information source. Preferred Jewelers wants to revolutionize your jewelry experience.

Just like it sounds Uncut will be raw. It will be honest. And, sometimes, it may even get rough. Above all, Uncut will be your source for the latest and greatest information in the jewelry industry.

We’ll call on designers, retailers, fashion leaders, and even our customers. We’ll discuss incoming (and outgoing) trends, new products, buyer “bewares”, and consumer tips. All with the goal of delivering you with information that will help you achieve all of your wildest jewelry dreams.

Stay tuned. We’ll be back soon with more.

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