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" Attack Your Man's Closet"

You Heard Me! The trend is on, and it's right in your house.

All I have seen is pastels, lace, the girly - girl fashions of spring.

But... in the midst of it all is ” The Menswear Movement."

I love it! I am just not that girly - girl and I see a fabulous option to be on trend. Give me the days of Lauren Bacall, Madonna, Kim Basinger in 91/2 Weeks, with a sultry man's jacket and tie, his silk smoking jacket, his four square pocket handkerchief and I feel the power.

Pair it all with skin tight cigarette pants and you are ready for a night on the town. Sexy, smoldering HOT! If you want that edgy girly look take HIS same jacket or shirt and pair it with a great pencil skirt by Tom Ford. I would throw on a Hermes tie just to complete the look.

An accessory would be the new Stephen Webster/Tracy Emin Love Collection.

The word Love in diamonds sits on your ear while a diamond X dangles to represent a big KISS.

Playful to go with your edgy look. A touch of femininity with a chic edge. My kind of fashion.

Now if your man wears pajamas, YOU ARE SO IN! Steal Them! Wear the top out with the new wedgie cut jeans from Levi's. Kylie Jenner posted them, now hard to get, but my sources say not on the Internet, shop the stores especially Cusp department at Neiman's. You might find a pair.

Also, pair them with some great leggings or stay in and open the door with just his top on. It will be a great night! Plus, he won't be mad you raided his closet and stole his stuff.

Girls you know we can always make it work. Get in the closet and WORK IT!


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