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Our Day of Feeling like Kelly Rippa and Regis Philbin!

It all started with a phone call. I looked at my phone and I saw Kathy Ireland. Kathy Ireland?! The swim suit super model calling me? Really? Oh well, either one of my girl-friends is just playing a prank or I should really put my glasses on to see who is calling. OMG! It was Kathy Ireland Worldwide! Kathy has offices in Boca Raton, FL and they found us!

Kathy has a television talk show on Fox and Bloomberg International called Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®. Kathy and her team look for companies that make a difference, especially to the consumer. She found us, and offered a day at her studio to do a taping that would give us tons of press and exposure that we could otherwise never afford.

Exciting?! You have no idea…

Joe, my husband and partner, set it all up. The flight to L.A., the amazing Peninsula Hotel, Kathy’s team setting up the transportation, hair, make-up (of course we have back stage pics) a list of questions and a little bit of a script, that we went over while sitting in our make-up chairs.

Kelly Rippa, move over I am loving this.

This was all about our company Preferred Jewelers International™. We had so much to say because, if I do say so myself, this really is an awesome program for retailers and consumers alike. We could not wait to tell Kathy all about it!

The meat of our program is a warranty, included in the consumers purchase. At no extra cost. Just make sure you have your jewelry checked by an authorized Preferred Retailer twice a year and the Preferred Program takes care of the rest. We will even replace a diamond up to .20 ctw for free, as long as the warranty is maintained and up to date.

This is exactly what Kathy Ireland Worldwide™ is looking for. Something that is very entrepreneurial that helps the consumer. Like our tag-line, that she also loves…

On-set, Kathy asked us everything. Our 2-minute set went to about 5 minutes. She loved it and so did her floor director. There were lights, cameras, and action… Oh please Kathy, let me come back and co-host… What a blast! One little side bar we thought was so funny is that we were all dressed up and ready for our television debut. Kathy enters the set looking fabulous as always but as our eyes pan down to her feet we see these fluffy, fuzzy, wuzzy slippers! Best part of Kathy’s slippers is they were beige, to match her outfit (of course!) Comfort is key for this girl and why not, you will only see her from the waist-up!

Kathy says being comfortable is key to asking the right questions, especially when her feet are “comfy”. She was so fun and down to earth, especially nice knowing how powerful she is in the business world. Refreshing!

From the moment the director said, “Quiet On The Set!” I was in. A star for a day, with footage we will use and keep forever. Even our Preferred Retailers will be able to use our onset interview in their stores to help us “brand” Preferred Jewelers International™. As Kathy states, “An important program for those investing in a piece of jewelry.” The day was magical. Watching Joe be nervous while getting his make-up done backstage in the green room was awesome. Watching his eyes light up with anticipation of telling our story was a dream.

From the moment the car pulled up to the gate, getting passes to get onto the lot, the wardrobe, makeup and filming. Oh yeah, it was our day to be Kelly and Regis.

Airing on Fox Business News on May 14, 2017 at 5:30pm EST

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