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One Big, Beautiful Diamond

In February, Lucapa Diamond Company announced that a huge, 404-carat diamond had been pulled from the earth in Angola. Imagine wearing that rock on your finger?!

Angola has long been known as a hot spot for diamond production. In fact, another large stone measuring in at 217.4 carats was also found there back in 2007. Other large diamonds of note include the 3,016-carat “Cullinan” diamond, which was discovered in South Africa in 1905, and the 1,111-carat diamond mined out of Botswana in 2015.

While the Angola diamond ranks up there in size, what makes it so rare is that it possesses a number of desirable qualities. Assessed by Yehuda, a New-York based diamond retailer, the diamond has been categorized as a Type IIa stone. We’re talking virtually flawless, but don’t pass out yet. There’s more …

It’s also rated as a D on the color scale. That’s not only good, it’s essentially colorless. Put it together and what we have is a giant, crystal clear rock with almost zero imperfections. No wonder the price tag was set at $16 million. Should we all pitch in?

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