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Jewels Remain Sleek and Sassy

The autumn runway was anything but sleek and sassy. It was all Razzle Dazzle. Designers have piled palettes and spread sequins on to skirts, dresses and even pant suits. This proves any silhouette can be party ready! BUT... with all that glitter on your wardrobe you need to "simmer down" the jewels. Stick with fabulous, never out of style diamond stud earrings and a beautiful gem colored ring to match your flash or that simple diamond bracelet that has a hint of sparkle around your wrist. Or go ahead be daring and slip that bracelet on your ankle, your jeweler can make it so it will fit both. How sexy! Go ahead bring out “The Siren” in your personality.

You can do it, it's all about your style and confidence.

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