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Amethyst: Not only “The Healer” but also “My Birthstone”

Can an Amethyst be the cure for what ails you? Well, some say yes! Sounds great to me. A healing piece of jewelry, which is a beautiful color and a must for spring, I'm in! Some say Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer too. I should buy a huge one! Amethyst is supposed to re-balance the body and open energy channels. This is making me want to get on my Yoga mat.

Some therapist use non-gem quality amethyst in Therapeutic Bio-Mats. They lay their patients on the mat promising to improve everything from circulation to sleep. So, the moral of my Amethyst blog is why not? Buy an Amethyst piece of jewelry and calm yourself down. Remember it's the color of royalty or you can just channel Prince. All Preferred Jewelers have amethyst jewelry. Find one, go in and try, see if your world calms down and things become less stressful. It may or may not be the Amethyst, but what a great way to get a new piece of jewelry. February girls, you really go for it, it's your birthday color.

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