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June Brides Get Ready

Just a few questions to ask yourself to start preparing for your day...

1. The first question for me is my favorite. What should you consider when choosing jewelry for the big day? This is so personal. If you are not the type to wear big earrings on a daily basis, why would you wear big earrings on your wedding day? Just be the little bit more glittery version of yourself on your big day. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. This is where Brides go wrong.

2. There is a specific accessory all brides need and that is the earring. I personally like a clean décolletage, show off your beautiful neck. Now we are seeing celebrities with all kinds of earring cuffs... I say, bring it down a notch. Find something a little more interesting than a one tier for your wedding day. Maybe something like what's featured below... but you really must find what speaks to you.

3. Some brides like bold jewelry while others like dainty. I really prefer dainty for the ceremony, you just don't want to take away of the beauty of the Bride or that beautiful bridal gown. But... if you can make it happen, change into another dress at the reception and go all out! Put on those statement earrings for dancing and add a great cocktail ring.

4. What if statement jewelry is just not really your thing? Right now it's all about mixing pieces. For example, you may have a great cocktail ring and then pair it with another ring to compliment. Stay away from mixing statement earrings with statement rings or with a statement necklace. Easy tiger... just pick one piece you love and then add the additional glitz with your fine jewelry. Yes!

5. Make your day feel personal. Be a little traditional. It may be as simple as mixing metals and adding a sentimental piece your mother or grandmother gave you. You will glow from within when your heart is full of all those sweet sentimental memories.

6. Find a favorite piece that makes you feel confident warm and ready for your day. The best accessory is one that is so you, so comfortable that you can put it on and forget about it.

That's right baby... it's all about you. Make the most of your unforgettable moment!

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