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The Met Gala 2016

I have been extremely reluctant in writing about this year’s Met Gala. I really looked at every magazine, TV personality Show and of course Fashion Police, I still miss Joan. She would have had a field day. What a hit and miss for me and some serious "Glamour Dont's!" Let's get started.


I'm starting with mostly fashion, then moving on to jewels which I thought were much more exciting.

Well, needless to say I was underwhelmed by The Met Gala overall. I know this is Vogue's moment to shine, but for me the futuristic theme left me unexcited about the fashion.

MY HIT... Cindy Crawford, hands down.

Ms. Crawford wore the most gorgeous Balmain silver cut out dress I have ever seen. I will be attending Balmain's show in Oct. in Paris and this dress is on my radar for our industries 24KT. dinner. The Silver Metallica chain dress with cut out illusion trim was futuristic but elegant. Ms. Crawford's stylists were very smart with such a stand out shiny gown they went with classy jewels. I loved the plain but abstract earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

I also liked Kendall Jenner in Versace.


Young, playful, cut out in all the right places, only she could wear. Again, simple, GIGANTIC cushion cut stud earrings, once again by Lorraine Schwartz. ​​

Beyoncé? No comment.


What a mess for such a gorgeous woman. Latex? Really? Hot, Sticky Latex, puffy sleeves, latex stuck to that Beyoncé "bum" just looked like a bad band-aide. Plus the color was like a peach

band-aide color. It was a NO! but ... to the rescue again was Lorraine Schwartz one more time. She came thru with 8 gorgeous rings, one on almost every finger, Ms. Knowles at least had great taste when it came to her jewelry.


But honestly she has just gotten to be too much for me. Maybe she should have worn yellow to push her Lemonade album even harder. I could not get pass the latex.

Katy Perry in Prada. Why?


I have nothing to say but YUCK! Bad dress, bad hair, bad jewelry just down right bad.

Madonna in Givenchy. Honey, STOP! You're too old. Great body, great strength as a woman, great talent... WHY? and why would Givenchy allow you to represent them like that?


Your Goth naked days are over. No more ass showing Madge.


My only other great disappointment was Taylor Swift.

​I adore her but... Louis Vuitton and Taylor were not thinking. What a gorgeous women, it took a lot to make her look bad, but they did it! Futuristic theme or not bad is bad. From dress to boots, to hair it was a "Glamour Don't"

And then there's Lady GaGa...


Just say no! Do you see Anna Wintour pulling this shtick?

Don't try to be Madonna, I don't need to see your rear end either. We have all seen it. Let's get back to being classy like you were at the Golden Globe Awards. Gorgeous!


Before I move on... Kanye... Please... ripped jeans again?... bored.

Ok, the weird contacts were cool and gave the futuristic vibe but everything else was just wrong.

Now, for the good...

So far for me Balmain and Lorraine Schwartz got it right.

I will list who the media liked but my Fashion Police team and I, totally disagreed on almost every pick.

Here we go...

Best Dressed:

1) Taylor Swift

2) Emma Stone

3) Lilly -Rose Depp … For me, a disappointing Chanel. Very Editorial.

4) Nicole Kidman ... No comment, hated it.

5) Karli Kloss, oooh I forgot this one! She would come in second on my list.

Powerful, Sexy and Futuristic. Brandon Maxwell (Lady GaGa's find) is the new

designer to watch. Love it.

She arrives covered and then later... beautifully revealed.

6) Claire Danes, always pretty and she did light up the room in her Zac Posen gown.

When the lights went down whole dress illuminated, that hit the futuristic mark for me.

7) Kendall Jenner, already one of my picks.

8) Beyoncé, I've said enough.

9) Jourdan Dunn - in Balmain.

It was ok. So many other Balmain's really stood out, this one didn't hit the mark for me.

10) Zendaya in Michael Kors. Liked her futuristic hair everything else was blah!


Well there's the fashion, my take and theirs, now let's talk about what I love the most ... the jewels.

Now, put aside Lorraine Schwartz and see what other pieces’ celebrities chose to wear to "The Met".

Here are my highlights. Remember, the fashion was flashy so the jewels remained classy, edgy and fun. This year there were many smart stylists when it came to jewelry. The jewels never clashed only complimented.

For example, Emily Blunt, not only classy but her jewelry was provided by one of the suppliers who provide Forevermark Jewelry to Preferred Retailers. That is more than exciting. Not only can you see them on the Red Carpet but they are available in your hometown. Just go in to your favorite Preferred Jeweler and take a peek. Emily wore $100,000.00 dollars’ worth of Forevermark diamonds supplied by my friends at H. J. Namdar.

Great looking diamond ear cuffs set in 18KT. white gold plus almost two carats of Forevermark Angel Diamond Earrings set and worn along with the ear cuffs. She also chose Forevermark, Deco Medallion Ring, which included a Forevermark Diamond band set in 18KT white gold and another Forevermark ring called a "Swirl Band" with marquis diamonds all set in 18 KT white gold.

I loved Miranda Kerr's choices… simple but Edgy.

Both rings were by Graziela Gems. A triple engagement ring on her fore finger, then the Double Dynamite edgy ring which sits on three fingers. I love that look, in fact I wore one today at the horse races.

Elle fanning played it safe with Tiffany & Company.

White and pink Diamond rings set in platinum.

Plus, the staple of all staples Elsa Peretti's, never going out of style Diamonds by The Yard.

Ladies when making a purchase, this is one you look for. Once again all set in platinum.

That is yummy jewelry.

Dakota Johnson, her jewelry choice is a favorite of mine. A bold all pave set diamond cuff from Norman Silverman, which is great but if I were looking for a cuff like that I would turn to Amden in L.A. or Roman & Jules.

Again, all can be found at your Preferred Jeweler. Awesome.

Anna Kendrick was all jeweled up by EFFY, one of our favorite suppliers, with a white gold sapphire ring and simple statement long white gold and diamond earrings, simple and classy.

Lilly Aldridge matched gold eyebrows with 18KT yellow gold earrings with 18Kt. white gold pave ear cuffs.

I love the way the stylists have mixed things up.

Do it your way and wear it all with confidence.

All in all it was classy with a little edge and a huge return of yellow gold. I love it, and I’m glad it's back. What a way to make a statement.

Like I said, go to a Preferred Jeweler in your area. These looks can happen for you. Not costume, but real jewelry and some, you will see are quite affordable. Now don't be shy, give it a try. All of our Preferred Jewelers are always happy to let you try on any look.

Ladies let me just say there is nothing that makes you feel like jewelry does - except maybe a Chanel jacket. Both give you a feeling of power. Go for it. It's like being at The Met.

@Esmeraldasays for the Jewelry Chatter Box

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