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Bring On The Bangles!

It's summer so I am going to give you a short comprehensive and slightly know-it-all look at fine jewelry for summer. Oh! Why shouldn't it be me... I've only been doing this for 37 years!

Jewelry makes an outfit. Let's get our summer on!

Bangles, bangles and more bangles - not the group... if you remember the 80's ...

There are no rules. Slip on yellow, pink or white gold all together. The pink gold is going to look great with the summer tan you've been working on. If they have a sprinkling of diamonds, all the better!

There are pieces that are now and forever. I get calls for these all the time.

A classic is a classic!

Here's the first ...

Bulgari B Zero 1 Bracelet;

The rings now come in multi color gold and makes for a stunning mash up.

Looks like you stacked bands of gold on your finger but it's actually one ring that gives the same allure.

We all know the David Yurman cable is here to stay. Few things look as elegant on a woman's wrist. the original was launched in 1983 and is Yurman's signature. Go ahead... splurge!

My go to! DIOR.. I'm working very hard to get into their fashion show this October in Paris. Hard ticket to come by... but you can have a little DIOR on your finger anytime. The "OUI" ring

launched in 2005 was made in the same vain as Carrie Bradshaw's "Carrie" necklace that we will never forget!

Oui is in script with a small diamond over the "i" and comes in white and yellow gold. Perfect for your jaunt to the South of France.

Try it on your pinky finger...

Cartier Love Bracelet ... it's a pain in the you know what... because the screw top studded style can only be opened with their special flattened tool. Definitely has become a status symbol for love and affection... debuting in Cartier stores in the 1970's.

I have to mention Van Cleef's Alahambra 4 Leaf Clover motif never dies. It has been lucky for over 50 years! It's the house best seller. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and beautiful watch faces.

Usually 18KT and mother of pearl which is great for summer and your little white shirt.

These are all the NOW and FOREVERs! They are universally appealing and instantly recognized.

These pieces strike just the right balance between classic and distinctive.

Yours truly...

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