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"Core Jewelry and Essentials"

Let's start with core valuables.

Reminds me of building on the little black dress. What you really need to make almost any outfit look polished and finished. Not too much, not too little.

Sophistication Rules:

There are six "go to" pieces that I equate with jeans and t-shirts. All totally timeless. Here is how I would wear them in fresh new ways.

1. First and foremost, Pearl studs.

Ok, some might say, “Yes, that's what my mom would wear”, think bigger. Avoid looking matronly by adding edgier elements. For me plaids and leather motorcycle jackets gives you a fashionista look with a touch of class.

I like the looks from Honora. A little more fashion-forward.

2. I really like the new slender open sleek Bangles with diamond accents on each end. They are perfect to wear especially stacked. Not too heavy. Once again a daintier and edgier look with the air of class.

Shy Creation

I also like taking these Bangles and wearing them in pairs on opposite wrist. Shy Creation and Bronzallure really know how to make this look work for any fashion-forward type of girl.


3. Now, I'm not one for small little jewelry pieces but... to be Style Savvy is to wear a “dainty” necklace. Make sure it sits right at the “nap” of the neck. Sexy!

Shy Creation

Just promise me one thing, remove it when you wear a gown. This necklace should be your signature style like Carrie in Sex in the City. Or your personal signature like your perfume.

4. Stacking Rings Nothing adds interest to your hands like a careful assortment of the stacking rings. For a truly unique feel, mix it up. A vintage look with a brand new designer. Timeless Fine Jewelry is a wonderful designer to achieve this look.

5. Diamond Studs Says it all! They are grand anytime. Diamond studs any shape or size are a subtle accent for evenings. Wear with a large bracelet or ring, just so your ear isn't bare. My go-to for jeans! For me, diamonds still are and will always remain, ”A girl's best friend.”

Well maybe, "A Boys Best Friend" too!

6. Hoop Earrings

As they say, "If you can't Fly with Big stay small". OK I made that my own and to each his own, right!? You never know until you try! I say Go For It!

Gold is making a huge comeback. So, let's go for the GOLD... just like the Olympians!

Gold hoops look good with either a causal ponytail or a fancy going out dress. My two favorites for gold pieces are I. Reiss and Marco Bicego.

Marco Bicego

Remember you should always visit your Preferred Jeweler twice a year to have your treasures professionally cleaned and checked. No one needs to have a broken prong or lose a diamond or any other precious stone. Just think of it like preventative medicine for your jewelry and make sure to have your 6 month jewelry check up!

Here's how to pull a Martha Stewart in between visits with your Preferred Retailer...

Cleaning guide:

A- Gold Platinum

To brighten use a polishing cloth. Apply a mild cleaning solution most jewelers, including Tiffany's recommend warm water mixed with soap.

B - Silver You have to remove tarnish and the best way is to make a paste. It will consist of a ¼ cup of baking soda and two tablespoons of water. Rub with a damp sponge and dry thoroughly. Be sure to avoid contact with any gemstones.

C - Diamonds To revise Sparkle use a gentle cleaner. For example, 6 parts water to one-part ammonia and scrub with a soft bristle brush.

How to Store in Style I have three options to keep your collections organized and tucked away from small curious fingers. First... I love Lux jewelry boxes with numerous compartments so you can take inventory of what you have.

I found one leather box that features 26 compartments, 9 ring rolls and 18 necklace holders, all lined in a soft anti-tarnish fabric. These boxes are not inexpensive but neither are your jewels.

Some collectors choose a plain Steel & Wood stand. This is great if you are a minimalist. The best part with this kind of storage, is the "free hanging" design that keeps chains tangle free.

Last but not least are trays. Now there are some that come with beautiful glass tops. The trays are padded with plush ultra-suede. They can be stacked or arranged side-by-side as an open display. The best company I found for this storage was called “swing design.”

All this will keep you organized.

One last tip in this blog for buying jewelry goes like this:


Prior to starting a conversation with a jeweler, compare prices with similar pieces online, or visit multiple retailers. Not only will you be assured you're getting a competitive quote but having this info at the beginning of your journey will make you look like you know what you're doing. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself.

You know I always recommend a Preferred Retailer.

Go to and find the Preferred retailers near you. Going to a Preferred Jeweler you can be sure that you are going to the finest and to a jeweler that believes in providing you with "Experiences that last a Lifetime™".

Have fun shopping ... I always do!

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