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My "Super Bowl" aka Paris Fashion Week!

I know my blog should start with what is going on with the Emmy’s Red Carpet but I was too excited about attending my first ever Paris Fashion Week!

It was my “Super Bowl” and dreams really do come true. My first thank you’s are to Chanel and Givenchy for the invites! Next is kudos to my, “I’ll do anything with you” husband Joe and my shopping partner in crime Robyn.

Miami to Paris non-stop business class and the dream begins.

Upon arriving in Paris, Héloise from Chanel made sure there were no glitches. VIP treatment as soon as we deplane. No one touch a bag, all done and viola!

We are at the George V (as in 5 or in Paris, cinq... pronounced "sank")

The only place I want to stay in Paris.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Paris / George V

The ambiance of the George V and the attention to every detail makes me feel completely at home every time we are there.

And ... what was so great this time, is my friends who work at the Webster here in Miami, have a friend named Quentin, who is the food and beverage director at the George V.

So carte blanche, no waiting for a room, no waiting for anything! Quentin was on top of it.

We unpacked in a jiff and were off to lunch at Hotel Coste.

Now that is the way to start off Paris Fashion week! #PFW!

One little side story before we talk fashion. As you know “#Esmeraldasays” is all over Instagram so I’m on there often. I decided to follow Michael Coste. He’s the head of Hermes in Paris. For the last 6 months I had been liking his photos and commenting and leaving him messages on his Instagram account. I would watch where he was going, what restaurants and with whom. Why not learn from someone who knows? Then I made reservations accordingly! Everywhere he went was absolutely fabulous… oh thank you for letting me stalk you Michael! That has to be the best way to pick the best places to see and be seen in Paris!

Needless to say my shopping buddy Robyn was hysterical and kept saying… “Stop stalking!”

Well I told her, “this is the best form of flattery and we will meet him and get the royal treatment at Hermes.” You know that all came true! As soon as we checked into the George V and I walked into my room, the phone rang. “Get down here, he’s here!” Yes, Michael was having brunch. We introduced ourselves as “The Stalkers” and he was just the kindest man you will ever meet. Our adventures had only just begun!

Sunday night all three of us got going to our first runway show for Givenchy. The new Miami district manager and our friend John, who truly needs to be on Instagram, accompanies us! (inside joke!)

The show was outside and a bit chilly. But they think of everything at these events and provided an aluminum wrap on each chair should you need to cover up! It was like seeing 300 tin men from the Wizard of Oz perched on acrylic boxes to watch the show.

The show was upbeat and interesting with lots of layering and floral prints, easy breezy days of summer.

Up close and personal the models were anything but glamorous. They want you to see the clothes not the models. Skinny is not the word! Don’t get me wrong… those who know me, know that I love skinny but this was beyond… no words, too political but just wrong even for me. Skinnier than a coat hanger is not attractive.

The saving grace was Kendall Jenner.

She is just drop dead gorgeous. She could wear a dishrag and you would gasp. And guess who we ran into again?! Michael Coste. It was better than watching an old Lucy and Ethel episode. This time we spoke a little longer and he invited us to come to Hermes on Wednesday. He would see to it that we were taken care of. What a guy! What a score! #PFW I love it!

Dinner that night with all the beautiful people at Ralph Lauren’s restaurant Ralph’s.

Superb! Beautiful, gorgeous sophisticated people. We were in heaven. The three amigo’s plus John. We don’t want to ever leave home without him now!

Monday bright and early… there’s nothing like shopping in Paris. We acquired the elusive “Baby Birkens” such a coup!

Then Balmain was a must with all their luscious suede’s and of course a visit to Chanel is coming our way.

Later that night we attended the first Chanel cocktail party for PFW at the beautiful, newly renovated Ritz Hotel. Women from all over the world “pranced” and floated in their Chanel garb. It was lovely to see everyone dressed, looking fabulous, and lovingly wearing the clothes that make them feel like princesses.

There is nothing like Chanel clothing. It was even more refreshing to see the ladies from Texas not wearing Chanel from head to toe. Finally! They are getting it and learning how to mix it up so they don’t look so matronly. Kudos to my peeps I met from Dallas in Paris!

After the Chanel party we dined at La Société, Paris. Great dinner, more beautiful people and our little tribe of 3 plus John of course!

La Société, Paris

Tuesday bright and early our car arrived to take us to the Chanel Show. As soon as we entered my heart started racing. The excitement was like an opening night on Broadway. We took our seats and the show began.

We did get a glimpse of Anna Wintour, Ken Dowling and the editor in chief of Harpers Bazaar.

(btw I must tell… I am in the November edition of Harper's modeling for LeVian!)

The runway was colorful the music was electric. No one can design and construct a jacket like Karl Lagerfeld. He barely took a bow. Looks like he is almost ready for retirement. Which rouses the question, who will take over for Karl?

I say Marc Jacobs, but maybe too American.

Ah Chanel was fabulous and then we were whisked off to lunch at Le Cafe Marly where once again we see… Michael Coste and set up a meeting at the Hermes Flagship store on Rue St. Honore for the very next day.

Excitement beyond belief and to add the icing on the cake… it’s our Anniversary.

Poor Joe but he always takes it in stride.

Of course the shopping continues ending later that evening with our Anniversary dinner at Le Voltaire.

Excellent … it really pays to do your homework and to know the right people to watch.

Thank you again Michael!

The next day as we entered Hermes flagship store, Michael saw us immediately and we were escorted to a private room.

Bad news, no more mini Kelly’s,

Good news we managed to get the “Baby Birkens!”

We loved their ready to wear, especially the jackets and boots. All these pieces are timeless and classic and will last a lifetime. Don’t you also tell your husband that? We met a French couple and she had the same script! So happy our husbands have a sense of humor.

Lunch at L Avenue followed with more shopping, this time at Chanel. The Fall Collection is superb and my gown for the 24KT event in NY later this year is purchased and perfection!

A fabulous Italian dinner, Joe’s favorite and then off to see the new show at the “Crazy Horse!” The last time I was there it was so cheesy! This time was adorable. Great costumes and music and the girls were beautiful and fun!

Now for the pièce de la résistance … Hurricane Matthew was threatening our hometown in Miami so we just had to stay another night … whooo hooo!!!

The next day, the girls went their way and the guys theirs. We happened upon a very established atelier, Azzaro. There was a sequined jumpsuit in the window that I just couldn’t resist and wouldn’t you know, just my size! My cohort Robyn also found a short white cocktail dress that was drop dead gorgeous. I was just hoping when Joe got this bill he wouldn’t drop … Heaven forbid.

Our last night, we dined at the Hotel Coste with Héloïse, our hostess from Chanel. It was all so lovely and beautiful. We really bonded and got to know each other and talked about all the care and preparation that goes with every piece of clothing from Chanel. The way you feel so empowered and beautiful wearing a Chanel suit or any one of his creations. Karl’s eye for detail doesn’t stop with the fabric, it’s every little thing, the lining, the execution, the cut and of course all starting with the design.

What an educational journey but now it’s time to pack up and go home. American Express has closed shop. We boarded the plane and we slept and dreamed about this one week Super Bowl… the time of my life at Paris Fashion Week!

OMG! I almost forgot one major part, because I was writing all about me… of course! Kim Kardashian!

What was she thinking!? It all sounds pretty fishy to me.

Paris was not happy with her. Oh well! She went home, we stayed, ate, shopped and had an adventure we won’t ever forget!

Poor Kim… Happy me!

@Esmeraldasays, aka Andie

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